Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Michelle and I’m a wife, mother, an avid learner, reader, and adventurer. I manage to accomplish all of these things while living in the lower income bracket of our society. I have been able to earn my BA, MPH, go on vacations, travel, purchase a home, and provide all necessary items due to frugal living and careful budgeting. In this world of purchase and discard, I have found that by going against those notions, I can save money and live a fruitful life. The doom and gloom of being poor can be changed into a life rich and robust, bursting with adventure and new challenges. It’s not always peaches and roses but the trade off is worth it. I would like share how I and my family, sometimes willingly and sometimes not so willingly, have accomplished this and in the process maybe give others an idea, aspirations, or urge to try some of the same things and see where it takes them.

Let the Journey Begin

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